Bridlington Golf Club: Robert Watson

As a result of publishing Bridlington Golf Club: The Harassment Begins I can now reveal information about Robert Watson that is in the public domain.

Mr Watson plays golf at Bridlington Golf Club and is a roofer.

Sadly Mr Watson was still unable to communicate in an appropriate manner yesterday:

  • Look pal I don’t know who you are or what your goal in life is but just keep your pathetic opinions to your self and keep out of other people’s affairs
  • Take my personal details off your blog you sick twat
  • Bridlington golf club as got nothing to do with this campaigner.. and take my name off your blog you twat

His wife, Julie Watson, also found appropriate communication challenging:

  • Listen here mr strangeway I don’t know who you think you are but I suggest you take that shit off your blog page asking questions about my husband Robert Watson it’s none of your fucking biz who he is or what he does or says so stop asking other people about him cos it’s none ov their biz either!!! Why would you want information of my husband just because he says what he thinks!!! Fight ya own battles!!!!
  • Well he doesn’t scare me and seeing my husbands name splattered all over his page as infuriated me the arsehole!!!! Who the hell does he think he is!!! He does sound a bully

Thank You Mr Watson

I would like to thank Mr Watson for his assistance in exposing the Bridlington Golf Club deal.

Yesterdays post on Facebook was seen by over 3,600 people in less than 24 hours. I estimate at least 3,000 of these people are from Bridlington.

This is 10% of the Registered Electors of Bridlington.

Donations Invited

I am very grateful for previous donations which have financed Facebook adverts exposing the conduct of ERYC.

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