Sutton Upon Derwent Weight Restriction

Elvington Parish Council/City of York Council (CYC) have informed Sutton Upon Derwent residents that they are considering introducing a weight restriction on the B1228.

Having discussed the issue with East Riding of Yorkshire (ERYC) I would like to share the following.

2011 B1228 Sutton Bridge experimental weight limit Report

Following an experimental weight limit requested to be put in place on B1228 Sutton Bridge in 2010, a report considering the impacts and feedback from all villages affected was presented to the Council’s Overview & Scrutiny Sub-Committee in 2011 when it was recommended to remove the trial weight limit due to strong opposition from other villages affected.

As the East Riding of Yorkshire Council has previously considered a weight limit on B1228 Sutton Bridge, it is felt that no further investigation is necessary at this time.

Work With City of York

If the Elvington Parish Council/City of York Council decide to reconsider a weight restriction for the B1228 west of the River Derwent, ERYC would hold discussions with the City of York Council to discuss previous investigations and ensure a joined up approach.

Sutton Upon Derwent Speeding

As a speeding assessment was carried out in 2014 and last reviewed in 2017 it is felt that no further report is necessary as circumstances haven’t significantly changed in the area.

Further Information

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