Brid Golf Club: EGM Agrees £600,000 Hotel Loan

I now share evidence to support my opinion in Bridlington Golf Club – Finances Exposed that “the Golf Club will need to borrow £600,000 to build the hotel”.

Despite being “offered” the deal of the century from ERYC it would appear that Bridlington Golf Club, who are known to be facing serious financial difficulties, still need to borrow a further £600,000 to build the hotel.

This will put them into further debt.

What is the projected profit from the hotel once the repayments are deducted?

I am further informed that at the EGM in August 2017:

  • It was stated that it was imperative that a positive vote was given that evening.
  • Questions were asked if the members could consider for a few days to which the answer was a very firm no!

Why the rush?

Why is the “major bank” not named?

Is this how Bridlington Golf Club are keeping members “fully updated as things progress“?

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