East Riding Tory Collapse Continues: Dee Sharpe

The East Riding Conservative collapse continues with the confirmed news that the East Riding Councillor for Willerby and Kirkella Councillor Dee Sharpe has been deselected by the Conservative Party.

As part of a bizarre public email exchanges over the weekend Cllr Sharpe confirmed she has been deselected’

“I’ve been de selected”

This means Cllr Sharpe cannot stand for the Conservative Party at the next ERYC election in May 2019.

The Book

It sounds like we can all look forward to reading all about it as Cllr Sharpe also explained:

“Now that sounds like a good book title doesn’t it. She the Phoenix rises from the ashes again!! Yes I’m writing my life story and yes it will be a tell all book. You couldn’t make any of this up could you? You see I have nothing to lose… “

East Riding Tory Collapse

The Tory collapse appears to be full steam ahead.

The Parnaby long-winded departure, Bridlington Golf Club, deselection….

You couldn’t make any of this up could you?

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