Wilberfest – Questions Answered

I would like to thank Gareth for addressing the questions raised by residents with regards the planned Wilberfest. In addition, I would like to thank those residents who raised their concerns with me.

Questions Answered

  1. Will there be first aid ? – Yes there will be 2 professional medical teams on site throughout both days, one positioned at each end of the park.
  2. Will there be a zero tolerance policy to drugs? – Absolutely 100% zero tolerance policy on drugs. In fact, the will be zero tolerance with any type of illegal activity.
  3. Are you allowing BBQ on the site? – Small disposable BBQ is only allowed in the camping area with people who have purchased a pitch. There is no food allowed in to the festival main area.
  4. Are dogs allowed? – No (except assistance dogs)
  5. Will there be a fire policy? – An external consultant has been sought to complete the required fire risk assessment plan as per Humberside fire brigade requirements. The consultant (a current member of the Fire Brigade) will also be on site both days.
  6. Will there be directions from all entrances to the village to the car park and site? – Yes there will be.
  7. Are there any measures to deal with parking on the neighbouring street? – I am consulting with local Police, PCSO’s and attending an Events Safety Advisory Group (ESAG) meeting with the Police and ERYC to ensure best practice is in place for dealing with traffic concerns across the weekend.

ERYC Licensing

ERYC Licensing are shortly due to announce their decision with regards the event.

I am in no doubt that they will consider all information received with regards the planned event to ensure that if permission is given the event will be safe and in compliance with all legislation.

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