PTC Councillor: Latest Slur Against Resident

In response to the news that ERYC Conservative Cllr Dee Sharpe has been deselected by the Tory Party her fellow Pocklington Town Council Cllr Martin Cooper, in an attempt to defend the disgraced Cllr, who is also a PTC Cllr, has once again made a slur against a resident.

On a Pocklington Facebook page. which is open for all to see, Cllr Cooper stated:

“I wonder if (REDACTED) has ever owned a gun without a license, sworn at old ladies about a fence or used his car to knock someone down”.

Sadly in addition to Martin Cooper, there are five other PTC Councillors, Paul West, Dean Hodgson, Jill Sinton, Terry Jones and Dee Sharpe, who regularly post on the said Facebook page but not one questioned the statement by Cllr Martin Cooper.

I am sure residents can see why I distance myself from PTC.

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