Stamford Bridge Flooding – Main Street Solution

The permanent pumps for Stamford Bridge have resolved the vast majority of the flooding in the village but there is relatively minor flooding outside the New Inn which needs addressing.

A couple of weeks ago, referring to the above photo, which is of the drains outside the New Inn, Stamford Bridge, I requested information from ERYC with regards the possibility of removing the bung between the two drains to solve the flooding issue.

Main Street Flooding Solution Found?

This morning ERYC have informed me:

“Cllr Strangeway

You are correct, in a manhole chamber outside the pub, there is a bung in a pipe which links Yorkshire Waters surface water sewer to the highway drain. Our new pumps are linked to the highway drain, and they operated as designed during the recent high river levels. As shown in the photograph which you sent, the surface water sewer was surcharged and water was coming out of the manhole and discharging into the highway drain which was pumped into the river.

Removing the bung would relieve pressure on the surface water sewer and it would overflow into the highway drain before it surcharged.

It appears that the bung has been in place for a long time, and I assume that it was put there for a reason. We cannot see any real benefit of the bung so our intention is to remove it, because as long as our pumps are operating, they should cope with any amount of flows in the system.

We are meeting with Yorkshire Waters Flood Risk team early next month, so I intend to explain to them our proposals prior to carrying out the work.

I trust that this helps.

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