MP Letter Confirms ERYC Pocklington Planning Failure

It has come to my attention that the Broadmanor Landscape Belt must be protected from trespass. Please see Alan Menzies to Sir Greg Knight MP Letter 14 Jan 2011

Residents on the Broadmanor/North side had their access denied and a metal fence was erected.

For reasons unknown, when Lindem Homes put in a planning application for the Mayfields development, the ERYC Planning and Legal departments failed to ensure a condition was put onto the permission to secure the south of the Landscape Belt in the same way.

This in effect means that there is a locked door on the Broadmanor/North side but not even a door fitted on the Mayfields/South side.

Information Request

I have requested ERYC to inform me:

  1. Why a condition was not put on the Lindem Homes application to secure the Landscape Belt from Trespass?
  2. How ERYC intend to correct this failure and ensure that the Landscape Belt is secured from Trespass?

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