The Cattons Parish: Pot Holes

At last nights The Catton Parish Council meeting the subject of the extensive pot holes in the Parish was raised.

I fully appreciate that due to National Government policy there is less money coming down to ERYC. In addition repairs can be short-lived especially due to weather conditions when repairs are carried out. If we wait for perfect weather we would only carry out repairs for a couple of months a year. Catch 22.

The Cattons Parish includes the two villages of Low Catton and High Catton and has many rural roads. The situation is rather dire with a considerable amount of pot holes not only on the roads outside the villages but also within. Indeed where I parked outside the Low Catton Village Hall last night there was a deep pot hole just in front of my car.

The Parish Council, residents and myself have endeavoured to report all pot holes to ERYC but the situation is getting out of control.

To maximise resources, instead of reporting each pot hole, I have requested Paul Bellotti, ERYC Interim Director of Environment and Neighbourhood Services to undertake a full repair of all pot holes in The Cattons Parish.

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