East Riding Waste Tax Payers Resources

Residents regularly inform me how they are disgusted in the many ways that ERYC waste their Council Tax. A major example of this is the use of the Code of Conduct to silence opposition.

There are currently two complaints against me. Both of which I have no idea what they are exactly for. Indeed the fact that the complaints are being investigated breach the ERYC Constitution by over-riding a decision taken by Full Council.

The following is copy of an email sent to ERYC Legal in my latest attempt to gain understanding as to reason for the complaints:

Perhaps my IQ is lower than others but I am sorry I am none the wiser.

“Complaint 206/207/210 – the complaint relates to the comments attributed to the photograph, so it is both elements together that the investigation relates to.“

Please confirm:

  1. That the complaint relates to a lawful taken photo and
  2. A statement of fact as per the English language

“Complaint 199/221 – part of this investigation relates to reference of the officer as having anger issues and naming her in the public domain.”

Please confirm/address:

  1. “part of this investigation relates to etc..” what else does it relate to?
  2. The complaint is in relation to making a statement of fact witnessed by a third person “relates to reference of the officer as having anger issues”
  3. How can there be a complaint in relation to naming Jenny Crabb in the public domain as her name appears in many documents in the public domain? Where in the Constitution does it state a Councillor cannot name an officer in the public domain who is already named in the public domain?

“In that response Councillor Strangeway was advised that although the draft report was headed up “private and confidential”, reports were sent out in this manner as it was not appropriate to make such reports public until the subject of the investigation has had an opportunity to make comments on it.  Additionally, the content was not confidential to Councillor Strangeway as the content concerned him.”

Please address:

  1. Did the sanction state I cannot have access to confidential documents apart from those which are confidential but not confidential to me?
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