East Riding: Free Buffet and Wine

On Thursday at County Hall, Beverley, the annual event of electing a new Chairman of East Riding of Yorkshire Council will take place as part of the AGM.

Afterwards the vast majority of Councillors and elected chains from across the East Riding will attend a free buffet with wine at Memorial Hall at tax payers expense.

Only a few months ago every ERYC Councillor present, apart from myself, voted to raise the Council Tax by 5.99%.

How can we sit back and raise the Council Tax by such a large amount while some residents are struggling to feed their children and pay to heat their homes in winter while accepting a free buffet and wine?

Having witnessed this for the past two years, without drinking the free wine, on Thursday I will not be attending the freebie.

I invite all Councillors and elected chains to support me.

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