Hagg Bridge: Dangerous Broken Fence

Having just returned from a site visit to Hagg Bridge, which is on the B1228 between Sutton Upon Derwent and Melbourne, I was shocked to see the state of the bridge and the fence.

In recent days a section of the fence has dropped out on the top of the bridge.

A few weeks ago there was damage to lower parts of the fence. This still remains unrepaired.

A close inspection reveals that the fence is held in place with wedges.

In addition the fence is rotten.

I am informed that there has been numerous attempts to repair the fence over the past couple of years.

A visual inspection of the bridge reveals six cracks the full width of the bridge.

I have requested ERYC to:

  1. Undertake an urgent investigation into the condition of the bridge and fence
  2. Replace the full fence with a fence which is fit for purpose and complies with all legislation
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