TDY: East Riding Listening To Pocklinton Businesses

In response to Tour De Yorkshire Closes Pock Town Centre ERYC have confirmed that they are willing to listen to concerns of Pocklington Businesses.

An ERYC officer has stated:

“I’ve passed your comments on to (Officer A) and (Officer B) who were the two officers most closely involved when the route was being determined, so they are aware of your request for a different route through the town when considering next years race.

Regarding the impact of the repair works, the Engineer who organised the work thought it would be most beneficial to hit the centre in one session, thinking that it would actually minimise disruption to businesses and offer a cost effective repair for us, so apologies if it’s actually had the opposite effect. Hopefully the events on the day, which I believe went well in Pocklington, went some way to making up for the inconvenience of the repairs.

Please rest assured that if we have to carry out any repairs associated with the race in the future we’ll try to minimise the disruption to the traders.”

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