Sheltered Housing Review Events

Yesterday ERYC held three Sheltered Housing events in Pocklington and Stamford Bridge to explain the planned changes to the Warden system.

The events in Kings Garth, Stamford Bridge, Scaife Garth, Pocklington and Wold Garth, Pocklington were all well attended by residents.

The three ERYC officers were certainly asked searching questions by residents which they answered in as much detail as possible as there is still much to work on. The changes are due to take place on October 1st.

In essence ERYC are moving away from a Warden service that is age related which currently supports 1,800 residents in Sheltered Housing to a Community Welfare Support  service that will be needs based and accessible to 12,000 life line residents.

Technology is continuing to develop and the new system will be able to maximise future developments.

Talking to Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, UKIP and Independent Councillors I am pleased to see that in essence it appears all Councillors are in full support of the changes. This says a lot.

Yesterday I was delighted to see my fellow Pocklington Provincial Ward Councillor Conservative Kay West attend all three events. Some residents approached Cllr West while others approached me to raise any concerns they had with Shetland Housing and other issues.

All three officers who attended and Cllr West were a credit. I would like to thank residents for attending the events and asking questions. I believe together we will develop a system fit for the 21st century.

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