The Cattons Pot Holes – Work Completed

Following on from The Cattons Pot Holes: Job Ticket Raised I am delighted to say that a number of potholes along Broad Lane and Main Street Low Catton have been repaired.

I would like to thank Paul Bellotti, ERYC Interim Director of Environment and Neighbourhood Services for his assistance. Paul has confirmed:

“Thank you for your correspondence dated 4 May 2018 in relation to the condition of the highway within Parish of Low and High Catton. From our current inspection regime we had already identified and organised a number of repairs within the Parishes which are programmed to be undertaken by the end of May 2018.

We arranged a further site visit to identify any defects which may be deemed a potential hazard to road users with a view to re-prioritising within the timescales of our current code of practice, as a result a number of potholes where identified along Broad Lane and Main Street Low Catton which have since been repaired.”

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