300 Projects Completed

Last week I completed 300 public projects since being elected as the Independent ERYC Ward Councillor for Pocklington Provincial in April 2016.

In my first year some thought I would be unable to maintain my work rate. The number of projects complete per year/per month since confirms I am becoming more productive.

  • 2018 – 77 – 15
  • 2017 – 138 – 11.5
  • 2016 – 86 – 9.5

The fundamental reasons for this is that more residents than ever are requesting my assistance and my network of relationships with ERYC officers is constantly getting stronger.

As an ERYC Ward Councillor my role is to instigate that which is required.

In simple terms this involves observing and responding to that which residents and Parish Councils raise with me. I then make a judgement of what, if anything, is required and refer this to the appropriate officer.

In this term of office I have over 11 months left to serve. I would like to thank residents, Parish Councils and ERYC officers for working with me.

Together we are making a massive difference in Pocklington Provincial.

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