Yapham Road Properties – Vibration Concerns

Residents of Yapham Road have contacted me raising concerns with regards the vibration they have recently started to experience in their homes

The residents are suffering from vibrations within the properties. This is considered to be attributable to the increase of heavy vehicles usage on Yapham Road but not all vehicles cause vibrations.

Residents suspect that the volume of the commercial vehicles using Yapham Road cannot all be destined for the Full Sutton Industrial Estate and are concerned just where these vehicles are coming from and going to. Some are asking if it is possible that Sat Navs are diverting commercial vehicles that are en route from the south of England and the Midlands, destined for North East Yorkshire.

Residents believe that the situation has changed dramatically in the last twelve months from the use by heavy commercial vehicles and have raised the following questions:

  1. Why has the traffic flow increased so dramatically?
  2. Where is the traffic going to and coming from?
  3. What is the weight limit of vehicle and loads allowed to use this road?
  4. If our houses suffer from vibration damage, who is responsible?
  5. When will the Council complete permanent repairs to Yapham Road?

I have asked ERYC to address these concerns and carry out an investigation into the issues raised.

In addition, I have requested ERYC look into simple traffic calming measures on Yapham Road when the speed limit zone is moved, for example, red lines and slow painted on the road. These are currently in place in part but rather worn.

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