ERYC Legal Waste £3,540 On Defamation

East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) have wasted £3,540 on a Pre-Action Protocol for defamation. Yet no local authority can make a defamation case. Please see Derbyshire County Council v The Times Newspaper.

The work was undertaken by Lupton Fawcett who on their own website state neither local authorities nor councils can fight defamation by bringing claims of libel or slander.

So why did Mathew Buckley, ERYC Head of Legal and Democratic Services, not stop ERYC wasting £3,540?

Knock On

The person whom ERYC took the Pre-Action Protocol for defamation against, is married to a lady who worked at the East Riding school that features in the case.

The lady has been off work since with anxiety and stress caused by the abandon Pre-Action against her husband. The lady has now been off work for six months.

To date she has not received Occupational Health “as the school doesn’t have an annual subscription to the councils service”.

I have referred this case to  Caroline Lacey, ERYC Chief Executive and Kevin Hall, ERYC Director of Children, Families and Schools requesting an investigation to determine:

  1. Why ERYC have wasted £3,540 on a legal action they cannot take?
  2. Why the school does not pay “an annual subscription to the councils service”?
  3. What is this council service?
  4. How many other East Riding Schools have not paid “an annual subscription to the councils service”?
  5. Why have the school not provided occupational health after six months?

Councillors Aware

Conservative Councillors Julie Abraham and Victoria Aitkin are aware of this.

Councillor Julie Abraham is the Portfolio Holder for Children, Young People and Education.

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