Hagg Bridge: Please Respect 20mph Limit

On Wednesday afternoon I met with an ERYC officer at Hagg Bridge, Sutton Upon Derwent to discuss concerns raised by residents.

Firstly, residents are requested to respect the new 20mph limit.

Over the course of the next month ERYC will undertake a detail survey of the bridge and the railings to establish what work is required. This is likely to include replacing the full railings and resurfacing the road.

There are many challenges to undertaking work on Hagg Bridge these include:

  1. It is a Grade 2 listed structure
  2. There are two bridges
  3. One section of the railings must remain open to allow public access to a right of way
  4. The cost could be considerable
  5. A major detour will be required

I have full confidence in the two main officers involved in the project and would like to thank the officer for meeting with me yesterday.

I will endeavour to keep residents informed at every stage.

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