ERYC Tory Leader Parnaby: Don’t Look At Me

In Full Council this afternoon Councillors, officers and members of the public were shocked when ERYC Leader Conservative Councillor Stephen Parnaby directed a shameful outburst at me.

I was studiously watching Cllr Fraser speak, who was sat in front of Cllr Parnaby when Cllr Parnaby jumped to his feet demanding of the Chair, Conservative Cllr Margaret Chadwick:

“Will you tell Councillor Strangeway to stop looking at me”

I responded by stating Cllr Parnaby is paranoid as I was watching Cllr Fraser speak.

It is inappropriate that the Leader of ERYC conducts himself in such a paranoid way while demonstrating obvious anger issues.

I believe Cllr Parnaby must issue an unreserved apology to everyone who was today subjected to his disgraceful outburst and step down from his role of Leader of ERYC with immediate effect. He has clearly brought ERYC into disrepute.

Dedicated To Councilor Parnaby

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