ERYC £20,000 Waste Exposed: Attempt To Silence

As a result of exposing an East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) Officer for wasting an estimated £20,000 on works a formal complaint was made against Councillor Strangeway.

The works on The Pavement, Pocklington were so bad in essence it had to be fully redone. The failure included putting a bollard in the middle of a dropped kerb.

This resulted in the closing of the road for two weeks and additional spending estimated to be £20,000.

Today the ERYC Standards Committee stated Councillor Strangeway had breached the ERYC Code  of Conduct by not treating the officer with respect. His “punishment”:

  1. Censure (hold out wrist, wet lettuce, slap, slap)
  2. He must apologise to the officer.

He will never apologise for naming an officer who wastes tax payers money.

In addition he will name any other ERYC officer who has wasted such vast sums. This is his public duty.

He is informed that the officer still works at ERYC.

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