Pocklington Provincial Crime: ERYC Top Five

I am shocked to see that the percentage increase in crime in Pocklington Provincial is the fifth highest of the 26 Wards in East Riding of Yorkshire Council Area.

Dealing with crime in Pocklington Provincial is compounded by the fact that no Police are based in Pocklington and as such Police Officers must attend from Goole.

Goole is between 18 and 27 miles from the settlements of Pocklington Provincial while York is only 9 to 15 miles distance.

Due to the closer proximity much of the Health Provision for Pocklington Provincial is provided in North Yorkshire, especially York.Given the recent increase in crime in Pocklington Provincial I have requested Humberside Police Chief Constable Lee Freeman undertakes a review into addressing the rising crime in Pocklington Provincial.

I have requested that this review looks into basing Police Officers in Pocklington and/or transferring policing of Pocklington Provincial to North Yorkshire following the example of the Health provision.

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