East Riding Planning Refuse Residents Meeting

East Riding Planning have refused an invitation to answer questions from Sutton Upon Derwent residents with regards the construction of a lagoon with bunding for the storage of pig slurry.

To refuse such an invitation can only result in further questions being asked about the credibility of ERYC Planning.

Employee Refusing To Meet Employer

I know of no East Riding business which would allow an employee to refuse an invitation from their employer to attend a meeting.

ERYC officers are the employees of Sutton Upon Derwent residents.

Agree To Meet Ward Councillor

This is nothing to do with officers time as the officer has agreed to meet with Councillor Andy Strangeway to discuss the situation.

ERYC Officer Response

In the interests of transparency I publish the full communication below:

“Good morning Councillor,

The agricultural prior notification process has been in operation since the early 1990’s when it was introduced by the Government to allow Local Planning Authorities an opportunity to manage/monitor works undertaken by farmers that is effectively permitted development. For this reason there is no publicity required for these types of enquiries. From time to time over the last 25 years or so while the current process has been in operation Parish Councils have raised questions over the ability of the farming community to undertake works as permitted development. The process of making the assessment as to whether a proposal is permitted development and then whether the Local Planning Authority are satisfied with the proposal’s siting and external appearance in respect of a whole range of works to buildings, the siting of plant and machinery, the carrying out of excavations etc can be a complex process.

I note your request for officers to attend a meeting in the village to discuss the recent notification that was submitted. I can advise that although I would not wish to arrange a bespoke meeting with individual Parish Councils to discuss an assessment of whether a particular proposal is permitted development, I have discussed the matter with (AN ERYC OFFICER) and suggested that at the next round of Town and Parish Council liaison meetings we could introduce the concept of agricultural permitted development and the prior notification process as a topic for presentation.

If you wish to discuss with officers how we generally make assessments on a range of proposals that fall under the remit of prior notification of agricultural development, then I would be happy to arrange to show you the types of processes that we operate as part of the interpretation of the provisions of the General Permitted Development Order, which are processes that have been refined over the last 25 years or so as legislation has changed and our understanding of the process has adapted to issues such as case law etc”

Town and Parish Council Liaison Meetings

As Town and Parish Council Liaison Meetings are Conservative Party meetings it is not appropriate to refuse a meeting with residents with the “carrot” of it being discussed at a Conservative Party meeting.

Email To ERYC Chief Executive and Director of Planning

From: Andy Strangeway

Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2018 7:44 PM

To: Caroline.Lacey@eastriding.gcsx.gov.uk ; alan.menzies@eastriding.gov.uk

Subject: East Riding Planning Refuse Residents Meeting

Dear Caroline and Alan,

Could I please refer you to LINK and the forwarded email?

I am disappointed that we are in this position. Could I please request that this decision is revisited?

As the next Sutton Upon Derwent Parish Council meeting is on Monday 16 July I will offer residents the opportunity to sign a petition requesting an ERYC officer to attend a meeting.

NB: I have blind copied interested parties into this email.


Cllr Andy Strangeway

Pocklington Provincial Ward

An Independent Independent

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