Stamford Bridge Play Area Equipment Repaired

I am pleased to confirm that the broken play equipment in the Stamford Bridge Play Area was repaired before 10.00 this morning.

Pre Repair

ERYC have stated:

“I’m pleased to inform you that one of our play equipment inspectors has been to the Stamford Bridge site this morning and has replaced the broken egg cup holder (which binds the ropes) and replaced the broken shackles & bolts.  He has advised me that the rope which is starting to fray is safe to use however he will continue to monitor it and if it deteriorates further will replace it.

thanks for bringing this matter to my attention.”


I would like to fully echo the comment “thanks for bringing this matter to my attention” to those Stamford Bridge residents who have brought this and other issues to my attention.

This proves that when residents, Ward Councillors and ERYC officers work together  prompt action will result when required.

Well done ERYC and Stamford Bridge residents.

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