Pock Town Council Breach FOI Act

The Freedom of Information Act  (FOI) was introduced to ensure more transparency from Government bodies. Sadly Pock Town Council (PTC) choose to breach the Act.

As per the FOI Act I requested a copy of the PTC Emergency Plan as I firmly believe it should be made public for obvious reasons.

On Thursday Gordon Scaife, PTC Clerk, responded to my request:

“Dear Cllr Strangeway,

The emergency plan has been reviewed and there are no significant changes to the one you already have a copy of.

The plan is due to be reviewed again in September.  The review will cover the changing size of the town and any developments that have taken place.


Gordon Scaife”

To which I replied:

“Dear Gordon,

Could you please fulfil your requirements of the FOI Act and forward the information as requested?

“As per the FOI Act could I please request a copy of PTC current Emergency Plan?”

I politely give you 20 working days notice before I refer to ICO.


Cllr Andy Strangeway”

Ego Before Service

What would happen if some of those aware of the contents of the Emergency Plan were out-of-town when it needed to be used?

No one can take their place as it is top-secret!

Yet again PTC are demonstrating that their ego is more important than serving the residents even if this means they breach legislation.

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