East Riding Of Yorkshire Council Hits All Time Low

ERYC has hit many lows but today I make public the most disgraceful all time low. I believe that Caroline Lacey, ERYC Chief Executive and Lee Thompson, ERYC  Head of Adult Services are responsible.

Last week my request to meet with Lee Thompson and a gentleman who requested my help was denied as

“I do not think it is appropriate for us to meet, given that this individual does not live within your ward area.”

Up to 2011 Councillor Bob Tress, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Hessle, was the advocate for this “individual”. This gentleman did not live within the Ward area of Councillor Tress.

Why can a Hessle Councillor be an advocate for those not in his Ward while a Pocklington Provincial Councillor can’t?

I am disappointed to note that Lee Thompson chooses to draw upon the unofficial courtesy of Councillors acting solely within their own Wards in preference to addressing the real issue – the desperate and urgent care needs of an elderly man in the twilight of his days.

Full Letter

I can confirm, to the best of my knowledge, what is stated to be correct.

I have had sight of a solicitor’s letter which confirms the above that is being sent to Caroline Lacey and Lee Thompson tomorrow.

How Many More?

How many more residents are ERYC treating like this?

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