Viking Road Car Park Lighting Confirmed

Having first requested lighting in Viking Road Car Park, Stamford Bridge over a year ago and been involved in various discussions since I am delighted to confirm that the lighting will be in place this calendar year.

ERYC have confirmed:

“A decision to upgrade the lighting in the car park has been taken, this is to replace the existing lamps with LED this is to form part of our Energy Programme which is run by (OFFICER A).

(OFFICER B) will also add an additional lighting column to the footpath and the car park team have approached (OFFICER B) to put in additional lighting in the car park itself for which they are paying.

I have asked (OFFICER B) for a date when the works will be proceeding, he is unable to give me this at the moment, however he has said that it will be completed this calendar year.”

I would like to thank ERYC, especially the officers who have worked with me on this, to make Viking Road car park a safer place.

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