Flat Lane – Request For Flowers

A Barmby Moor resident is keen for ERYC not to cut or spray the grass verges on Flat Lane as they are in the process of planting the exposed soil with various varieties of flowers.

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The resident explains:

“I have only planted up the top of the banking so far. This will not interfere with traffic in any way. As you can see from one of the photos, when lorries or coaches come down they drive over the end of the road, I have avoided plating this as well. I will be putting in a lot of foxgloves in addition to the ones already put in, and I have a lot of other plants I can use, but I have obviously halted progress for the moment.

The grasses that will inevitably grow up I will control and cut myself. I am not treating this as a garden, but it will enhance the appearance of Barmby for the residents, children going to school and visitors who are currently presented with a large wooden fence and a mud bank. If you want to know what is currently planted there are Lupins, Sunflowers, Foxgloves, Echinacea, Michaelmas daisy, Sedum spectabile, Geranium psilostemon, Delphinium, Aquilegia, Scabiosa drakensbergensis, Gazania and Centaurea macrocephala, but there will be a lot more!”

I fully support such wonderful improvements to the area and have request ERYC not to spray or cut the area to allow the resident to continue in their public-spirited endeavours.

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