ERYC Pay For A1079 Faulty Repair

Having raised the issue of the vibration that is experienced driving from Long Lane, Low Catton to Wilberfoss on the A1079 this morning I am astounded to receive the reply.

Paul Bellotti, ERYC Director of Environment and Neighbourhood Services has stated:

“We have not received any other comments or complaints and would therefore not propose any action at this time as the cost of fully resurfacing could not be justified for the benefit obtained.”

This is false as I am informed that there have been numerous other comments and complaints. I have suggested to Paul that he revisits his information and/or questions how it is gathered and stored.

If required I am happy to instigate a petition to establish the true opinion.

In addition I have asked:

  1. Why ERYC have paid a contractor a considerable sum to resurface a mile of the A1079 when the work is faulty?
  2. Who signed this off?
  3. Who agreed payment?

Such conduct could be costing ERYC tax payers millions. I know of no business that would agree payment for faulty goods and/or services.

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