ERYC Tories: Operation Get Sherlock Out

One of my sources within the ERYC Tories, Councillor Willie Lissen, has informed me of Operation Get Sherlock Out.

Cllr Willie Lissen has informed me that:

Although Sherlock aka ERYC Leader Conservative Councillor Stephen Parnaby announced his resignation months ago it appears he dare not leave the building as there is great concern when doors are opened to certain cupboards.

Despite the fact that in truth the statement made by Cllr Andy Strangeway two years ago

“By 31 July 2018 Councillor Stephen Parnaby will no longer be the Leader of East Riding of Yorkshire Council”

came good months earlier there was hope that this would be the day Sherlock finally vacated the building.

Alas Sherlock has still not packed his bags.

Operation Get Sherlock Out is now in panic mode as a considerable number of Tories know that the longer he stays in County Hall their chances of getting re-elected next May considerably decrease.

This is being called the Sherlock Effect.

Please Don’t Go

As Sherlock is doing such a great job of destroying the Tories in County Hall I beg him not to go.

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