The First Wilberfest – A Weekend Spectacle

My wife and I have been blessed to enjoy the spectacle that was this weekends first Wilberfest.

Seeing the stage gave the first glimpse of what was a very professionally staged festival by Gareth.

As soon as festival goers arrived they received a bag for their litter, in addition litter bins were plentiful and if that wasnt enough litter pickers could be seen regularly emptying the bins and picking up the rare bit of litter drop.

The six toilets on site were immaculately clean and there was never a queue.

The acts covered a broad spectrum and were all warmly received. Food and drink was in plentiful supply. Currently been on a course of antibiotics I stuck to coffee and soft drinks all weekend.

The audience enjoyed a weekend of wonderful camaraderie and love. The highlight was the many children playing frisbee and football, dancing with parents, eating ice cream and enjoying being young.

Even the weather was perfect.

Hopefully there will be a second Wilberfest next year. Ruth and I will be the first to buy tickets.

Consideration To Residents

It was pleased to see signs displayed requesting everyone to give consideration to residents when leaving the festival.

When Ruth and I left the festival we did not see one vehicle on or short trip home to Full Sutton.

Feedback – My Next Surgery

My next surgery will be held in the Wilberfoss Community Centre between 09.30 and 11.30 on Saturday 11 August.

Wilberfoss and Pocklington Provincial residents are invited to ask questions, raise concerns or share their views especially with regards Wilberfest.

If any Wilberfoss resident experienced any issue I would like them to share this with me so that I can give the feedback to Gareth.

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