ERYC Complicit In Death Of Yemeni Children

Many will have been horrified by reports of the deaths of yet more Yemeni children as a result of a Saudi-led air strike.Make no mistake ERYC are complicit in the deaths of these children.

In Arms Investments – Conservative/Labour ERYC Pact I reported how East Riding residents will be shocked to learn that ERYC Pension Committee voted on Friday 17 March 2017 for their Pension Fund to continue to invest in arms. These arms are sold to Saudi Arabia.

These are the Councillors who voted to invest in arms sales to countries like Saudi Arabia:

Labour voters will note that Councillor Billinger supported the sales.

Pocklington Provincial residents will note that Councillor Mole supported the sales.

Only two Councillors voted against investing in arms:

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