Pocklington Planning Application Refused

I can confirm that the Planning Application for St Georges Place, Pocklington on Kirkland Street was today refused by the ERYC Western Area Planning Sub-Committee by 5 votes to 4 with one abstention.

Fundamental to this vote was due to my raising the fact that the Report of the Director of Planning and Economic Regeneration, Alan Menzies, to the Western Area Sub-Committee falsely stated:

“The surrounding area does not have on-street parking restrictions”

Almost the full length of Kirkland Street has double yellows.

On April 30 in Pocklington Kirkland Street Development: Committee Request I shared my concerns with regards the lack of parking and indeed stated it should be refused.

As such I spoke in support of Pocklington Town Council who believed each dwelling should have one parking place.

Objecting To The Applications

Today I was the only person who spoke against the application without which I have no doubt it would have been approved.

All three Ward Councillors can speak on an application. This is in addition to the applicant and an objector.

For future reference I would like to inform residents that if they object to an application they can register to speak as an objector.

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