Kidney Stones Surgery – Thank You And Apologies

At the beginning of May I noticed blood in my urine. In the past three and half months I have experienced a great deal of discomfort which was addressed on Wednesday with the removal of Kidney Stones. Morphine has been a great friend.

I had nearly four hours in recovery where I was filled with countless pain killers and kept in overnight on oxygen and a drip.

Thank You

I cannot praise the staff and Doctors at Pocklington Group Practise enough.

While in North Yorkshire the amazing staff at Malton and York Hospital especially those who operated on me, helped me in the recovery and the awesome people on Ward 14 are absolute stars.

A big thank you one and all.


Due to my ill health over the past three months I have been forced to miss over a dozen meetings I would normally have attended.

I must apologise to those Parish Councils where I have missed their meetings.

I would also like to apologise to any resident who has experienced any delay in my addressing issues raised. I am currently looking at a To Do list of around 60.

Normal Service

I am now housebound for a few days whilst I recover. Normal service will resume shortly.


Where would an average man be without an amazing wife?

Ruth, the love of my life, you are the wind beneath my wings.

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