ERYC Head Of Legal: Unaware Of Due Process

An ERYC Independent Councillor called Councillor Andy Strangeway called an officer luv and named them for wasting £20,000 of tax payers money.

Councillor Strangeway was rewarded (or was it punished?) for daring to speak in his native Yorkshire tongue and expose such a waste by being given social media training and Code of Conduct training. In official speak this is a sanction.

This training Councillor Strangeway is informed will require the services of three officers on considerable salaries. But due process had not being followed in his trial in the Kangaroo Court of a Standards Hearing at County Hall which was attended by and acted on the advice of two of these said officers.

So Councillor Strangeway thought it appropriate to ask Mathew Buckley, ERYC Head Of Legal:

“Could you please advise how any sanctions can be issued as due process was not followed?”

Our Mathew replied:

“I am unsure as to why you consider that due process was not followed.”

As it is not for me to offer the ERYC Head of Legal legal advice I have suggested he seeks external legal advice.

This would be funny if Mr Buckley was not on such a large salary.

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