ERYC Conceal Child Abuse: Attempt To Silence

It would appear that Mathew Buckley ERYC Head of Legal is attempting to silence me for publishing ERYC Conceal Child Abuse instead of undertaking an investigation.

Email From Mathew Buckley

From: Mathew Buckley

Sent: Tuesday, August 28, 2018 2:45 PM


Subject: Blog

Dear Cllr Strangeway

Further to my email to you of the 24 July 2017. The Council is aware of the recent content within your blog regarding the same adult  referred to in my previous email who resides within the East Riding. Considering the content of the information you have shared within a public domain, it is important to point out to you that, regardless of the fact that the individual gave you his consent, the sharing of this information may serve to impact on the individual. There is potentially an emotional impact related to the matters within their past and a risk of increasing their vulnerability within their local community.

This is therefore an opportunity for you to consider whether these actions have the potential to exploit the individual and to remind you that under the Care Act 2014 we all have a duty to safeguard vulnerable adults.

Mathew Buckley
Head of Legal and Democratic Services
Tel:   (01482) 393100

Duty Of Candour

I refer our Mathew to Regulation 20: Duty of Candour

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