Your East Riding – Where Everyone Matters

This morning Caroline Lacey, ERYC Chief Executive,  informed all Councillors of a new ERYC strapline. In times of austerity, increases in Council Tax and a decrease in services why are ERYC wasting tax payers money on such a pointless exercise?

She stated:

“I have been working with the Corporate Management Team and our senior managers to look at how we clearly articulate to our staff the Council’s priorities and the values and behaviours we expect our staff to exhibit, and to ensure we are all clear about what we want to achieve.

We have come up with a simplified vision:

        Your East Riding… where everyone matters

and have simplified the wording of the current priorities.”

What absolute bunkum. All staff are aware of the shameful bullying culture at ERYC.

Does this everyone include the concealing of child abuse, breaching of Safeguarding,  failure with SEND etc…?

Of course not.

This is a gross waste of taxpayers’ money in an attempt to paper over ever-growing cracks in County Hall.

I politely suggest that Caroline cuts out the rhetoric and focuses on action. She could start by undertaking an investigation into the concealing of Child Abuse at ERYC.

I don’t hold my breath.

For further information please see Where Everyone Matters.

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