Concealing Child Abuse: Investigation Request Ignored

East Riding residents will be shocked to learn that my request that the concealing of child abuse at ERYC be investigated has been ignored by ERYC Chief Executive Caroline Lacey.

Could I please refer everyone to ERYC Conceal Child Abuse.

What kind of organisation ignores a request to undertake an investigation into the concealing of child abuse?

Could it be that 15 Councillors who are still in County Hall today were in County Hall pre 2004 and an investigation would implicate some of them? Or the fact that 11 of these are Conservative with many on the Cabinet?

  1. Cllr Phyllis Pollard – Beverley Rural – Conservative
  2. Cllr Stephen Parnaby – Beverley Rural – Conservative
  3. Cllr Chris Mathews – Bridlington North – Conservative
  4. Cllr Felicity Temple – Driffield and Rural – Conservative
  5. Cllr Symon Fraser – Driffield and Rural – Conservative
  6. Cllr Jonathan Owen – Driffield and Rural – Conservative
  7. Cllr Jane Evison – East Coast and Rural – Conservative
  8. Cllr Malcolm Boatman – Goole South – Labour
  9. Cllr Phil Davison – Hessle – Liberal Democrat
  10. Cllr Charles Bayram – Howdenshire – Conservative
  11. Cllr Barbara Jefferson – Mid Holderness – Independent
  12. Cllr Julie Abraham – South Hunsley – Conservative
  13. Cllr Mary-Rose Hardy – Tranby – Liberal Democrat
  14. Cllr Mary Kingston – Tranby – Conservative
  15. Cllr David Rudd – Wolds Weighton – Conservative

Caroline Lacey inform me that:

“As has been explained to you in the past, we will not correspond with you about matters outside of your ward.”

  • Fact 1

Victims from across the East Riding were abused at St Williams.

  • Fact 2

One of my predecessors Cllr Rowan Blake-James discussed the concealing of child abuse with Daryl Stephenson the former ERYC Chief Executive the predecessor of Caroline Lacey.

  • Fact 3

If there is any suggestion of the concealing of child abuse at ERYC from any person in the world it must be investigated.

Your East Riding – Where Everyone Matters

Only last week Caroline Lacey launched Your East Riding – Where Everyone Matters. As Caroline has ignored my request to investigate the concealing of child abuse it would appear that a new strapline is already required: “Your East Riding – Where Everyone Matters Apart From Child Abuse Victims” 

Request To Investigate

I have referred this article to Caroline Lacey and ERYC Cllrs once again requesting a full investigation into the concealing of child abuse.

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