ERYC Fail World Suicide Prevention Day

Many will be aware that today is World Suicide Prevention Day but for ERYC their policy towards Graham Baverstock is in direct conflict.

ERYC have disgracefully forced Graham into a corner where he can only communicate with one officer. At 15.56 on Friday 7 September I received the following in an email from Graham:

“I phoned  up the number that (OFFICER A) gave me in her letter of August 13 about contacting  social  services

I called them about 2 pm today (OFFICER B) the social worker at 2 pm  was in a meeting. I called again 3.45 pm again still in the meeting and she is going to be there until close of play  can  I call monday  it is clear social services are pathetic they spend more times in meetings rather attending to clients needs.”

Due to what ERYC are putting Graham through he is currently suicidal. ERYC are fully aware of this.

ERYC Social Services requested a suicidal man to phone back after the weekend on World Suicide Prevention Day. ERYC should be ashamed of such irony.

Fortunately I was able to speak with Graham on Friday and as Graham says:

“Andy  it was for you and you alone that I did not do anything  stupid  this weekend its called respect and thank you for your help.”

Duty Of Care

ERYC are clearly failing their duty of care towards Graham.

I have requested Chief Exexcutive Caroline Lacey to undertake a full investigation into the failure to ensure it does not happen again.

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