Graham Attempts Suicide – Councillors Remain Silent

First thing this morning  Graham Baverstock phoned me from his hospital bed after being admitted following a suicide attempt last night.

Ironically, yesterday was World Suicide Prevention Day.

On Friday 7th September Graham attempted to speak to his allocated ERYC Officer on several occasions and was advised to ring back on Monday as she was in a meeting.

Please read ERYC Fail World Suicide Prevention Day.

Graham’s Advocate

In addition to ignoring my request to investigate the concealing of child abuse at ERYC in response to Graham’s request for me to be his advocate ERYC Chief Executive Caroline Lacey last Wednesday stated:

“As has been explained to you in the past, we will not correspond with you about matters outside of your ward.”

This is false.

On Friday 8th September I received an email from ex ERYC Councillor Bob Tress who was the once the joint Leader of ERYC:

“I was the advocate for Graham Baverstock for quite a number of years whilst I was an East Riding Council  member for the South Hunsley and later the Hessle wards of the Council. This advocacy was at the suggestion and encouragement of the then Chief Executive of the above Council, Darryl Stephenson.

Robert David Tress”

Councillors Remain Silent

Only one Councillor from the other 66 ERYC Councillors has contacted me regards the shocking way ERYC have treated Graham.

This despite the fact that they have all been made fully aware of how ERYC Fail World Suicide Prevention Day

Officers Rhetoric

Lindsay Shelbourn, Public Health Lead for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention at East Riding Council shamefully yesterday stated in local media, in support of World Suicide Prevention Day:

Suicide is preventable, we want to encourage as many people as possible to take the training and get involved, we can all work together to prevent suicide.”

Last week Caroline Lacey  launched ERYC’s new branding initiative Your East Riding – Where Everyone Matters.

These are hollow words with no substance, in short a load of utter rubbish.

ERYC officers must today join the 65 Ward Councillors and accept that their failure to act has resulted in Graham’s current situation. The culture of silence at County Hall is toxic.

Action Now

All ERYC officers and Councillors must ensure Graham Baverstock is finally put first.

We must now see urgent action and not further box ticking.

I am ready to be made Graham’s advocate. From that point things can be put in place in days.

I await a phone call from Caroline Lacey.

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