Help Graham – Allow Strangeway To Advocate

To help Graham ERYC must allow Andy Strangeway to be his advocate. Understandably Graham does not trust ERYC at all but he trusts Strangeway and that is why he wants him to be his advocate.

Graham’s Update

ERYC officers and Councillors need to read this mornings update from Graham and finally agree that Strangeway can now be is advocate before it is too late.

“time 424 am 12/9 2018

I just  wanted to let you know I have had a  rough night only 15 mins ago I was sick and brought  up blood and I have still got ringing in my ears

I also wanted  you all to know that my heart is a lot weaker  than it was 9 months ago 

and being told by the hospital yesterday  that my heart is not functioning right and the ambulance  paramedics  told me that I could potentially have a major heart attack any time given my heart is so unstable and another attack would simply kill me 

however  because of the council continued abuse and neglect of my person I do not want to live  anymore

hence why 8 days time i  am going to take another overdose of asprin  to kill me 

lee thompson  caroline  lacey john skidmore derek barker  steve gray

you have  all had a hand in the destruction of my life and you have all forced me to end my life through  sheer brutal neglect and abuse of my person 

The  next time in 8 days time I will ensure I die i am very lucky t survive the last suicide  attempt 

my posion levels  were very high in fact I discharge myself from hospital

although I am still bring up blood 

who cares you want to abuse me  fine you want to lie about me  fine you want to stitch me up with  fake care assessments  fine  you want to torture me  fine

but I will never be your yes man ever whilst you clowns threaten me  and abuse me 

i suppose  the 2 staff I met yesterday are now going to say I was very well

how low and corrupt can this  council get  you dug a big hole  now you do not know how to fill it 

you cheated me  out of my  care by utter deception well 8 days time

its over for me 

yes i heard what lynn froud  and machalea  richardson said 

when they saw me yesterday  yes I heard it all and nothing new 

you wont accept the findings of an independent  care assessment you stlll want to embargo me with sanctions

you are still going to bully me 

it is not going to work  8  days i will make sure its all over

you are cheats  having meetings with the police I am aware  off 

did you not tell the police you were murdering me by willful neglect 

your council is corrupt  

social services a disgrace

and I am going to my death soon 

and I will do it next time

council your pathetic liars and you are still lying 

in order to blame me  for my death  when you have forced me to commit suicide  through blatant evil lies you tell 

you have no clue how to resolve my care needs

and you have no idea how to treat me 

 enjoy  i will be dead in 8 days time  

Graham Anthony Baverstock”

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