Tory Councillors Bully Speaker At Planning

Today four ERYC Conservative Ward Councillors bullied me by attempting to silence me while addressing the Planning Committee with regards the planning application for the erection of 225 dwellings at land south east of Groves Farm, West Green, Pocklington

I refuse to intimidated by bullies. I share in full my address.

My Address

“I believe it would be appropriate to give some background to planning for the benefit of the public here today.

  • Government Policy

It is the Government policy to build houses. The Government is Conservative. 8 out of 11 on this Planning Committee today are Conservative Councillors including the Chair. All Conservative Councillors agree to put party first. As such they will support the Government. This means residents are at best second.

  • ERYC Local Plan

When the Local Plan was consulted on Pocklington Provincial had three ERYC Conservative Ward Councillors and Pocklington had a Town Council dominated by Conservatives. As such the Tory mantra, especially regards Pocklington Provincial, was enshrined in the ERYC Local Plan. Build, build, build. Parking and infrastructure was given next to no consideration for Pocklington.

  • Neighbourhood Plan

A Neighbourhood Plan is there to shape planning and can only be produced by the Parish/Town Council. The Conservative Pocklington Town Council have failed to produce a Neighbourhood Plan since 2011. Seven years.

  • Conservative Group Planning Meeting

The Conservatives sitting on this Planning Committee have held a Planning Meeting to discuss the applications prior to coming into this room. But of course this is not pre determination!

  • Decision Known

The decision is already known with regards this application.

  • Members

From the report to Planning Committee I referred members to policy H1 – Providing a mix of housing and meeting needs.

Then I quoted page 128, part 7.10 “Whilst not fully in accordance with the housing mix of market housing set out in the SHMA( Strategic Housing Market Assessment) etc..”

This is smoke and mirrors. It is NOT in accordance forget the fully.

This application must be refused as it fails to comply with the required housing mix. Pocklington is in dire need of bungalows and there are non in this application.

  • Finally 

A reason for all the house building in Pocklington are commuters from Leeds. It is reasonable for Pocklington residents to enquirer why very few houses are being built in North Cave with the easy access to Leeds via the M62.

Thank you.

The Infamous Four

  1. Cllr Felicty Temple – Driffield and Rural
  2. Cllr Brian Pearson – St Marys
  3. Cllr Mike Stathers (Chair) – Wolds Weighton
  4. Cllr Kay West – Pocklington Provincial

I believe all four bullied me while I was speaking by ranting for me to stop speaking.

Cllr Temple, Pearson and West stormed out of the room.

About 10 minutes later Cllr Temple and West returned and were allowed to vote. I called a point of order but this was ignored. 

How can a Planning Committee allow Councillors to vote who missed part of the debate?

Cllr Kay West

Although a Pocklington Provincial Councillor Cllr West failed to mention the failure to include bungalows.

One resident was heard to state “Kay West has been so rude today.”


I managed to secure a 9 to 1 vote in favour of a deferment to consider the housing mix.

Cllr Temple and West both voted in favour. 

I am informed that Cllr Pearson was last seen outside County Hall looking like a raging bull.

Welcome to ERYC Planning.

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