East Riding Council: Pocklington Pollution Failure

Despite my raising “Bund Works – Pocklington Beck Pollution” ERYC have failed to address the situation since Friday.

As this could have been a planning enforcement issue or an Environment Agency issue I referred the matter to the ERYC Head of Planning and an Enforcement Officer. The Enforcement officer was on holiday and the Head of Department was out of office for the day. After numerous phone calls a planning officer phoned me back.

His response:

“Following our discussion this morning regarding the concerns expressed about the water quality at Pocklington Beck I’ve tried to discuss the matter with our regular contacts at the Environment Agency, as I advised you that this would appear to be a matter within their jurisdiction. Unfortunately, I’ve had no response but I have discovered that the Environment Agency have a hotline where such matters can be reported. You may wish to contact them directly through this option.

Our Planning Enforcement officer has been made aware of the situation but as a potential pollution of a watercourse incident, any action that can be considered through the Town and Country Planning Act may be limited.”

Pocklington has a potential pollution issue or a planning issue and ERYC cannot even contact the EA or send an ERYC Planning Enforcement Officer to investigate?

The incident was reported on Thursday night and as of Monday morning still no action. This is a disgrace. Why can ERYC not contact the EA when there is a potential pollution of a water course?

I am in no doubt that this would have received a better response if it happened in Beverley.

I have refered the matter to ERYC Chief Executive, Caroline Lacey requesting that she addresses the situation as a matter of urgency. In addition I have requested that she carries out an immediate investigation into not only why ERYC are unable to contact the EA but also why they are unable to send out a Planning Enforcement Officer.

This is not good enough for Pocklington or anywhere in the East Riding.

Yet again I despair at ERYC. They are in shambles.

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