Bund Site Pumping Water 24/7

I have been contacted by residents from Mile End Park who have informed me that pumps are operating 24/7 on the Bund/Housing site.

Please read Additional Monitoring For Pocklington Beck Confirmed.

One resident has stated:

“Alan Menzies letter is ill-informed. He states that work on the site finished at 16.20 but there has been a dewatering pump running 24 hours a day (because residents can hear and be disturbed by it/them) to clear water from trenches dug presumably ready for concrete drains.

There seems to be much secrecy about these pumps perhaps because ERYC do not want people to know they drain in to the Beck. Was something dumped in to one of trenches at the end of the day (even though active work may have finished  at 16.20 as Alan Menzies states) which usually ends at 18.00?”

Questions From Residents

  1. Why in such an incident was there was no alarm  raised by their “normal reporters”?
  2. Despite ERYC being informed first thing Friday morning of the suspected pollution why did ERYC not report the incident to the EA until Monday?
  3. Why does it seem there are no Standard Procedures ready for such an event?
  4. If there are why were they not put into action or are they not fit for purpose?
  5. What was the pollutant?
  6. Was their damage to the flora and fauna?

Requests To Alan Menzies

I have requested that Alan Menzies, ERYC Director of Planning, intervenes immediately to stop the pumps running 24/7 as they are disturbing residents sleep.

In addition I have requested that he addresses the six questions raised by residents.

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