Humber Mental Health Back Graham

On Friday 21 September I witnessed Humber Mental Health  back Graham by stating“it’s not good enough” in response to how ERYC are failing Graham.

Graham had invited me to his home to see first hand what ERYC are putting him through. Within minutes of my being there Humber Mental Health phoned him. The call was put on loud-speaker and became a three-way conversation involving myself, Graham and Humber Mental Health. Humber Mental Health confirmed Graham is of sound mind and is most certainly not certifiable. They confirmed his records support this.

They did however state that he is stressed due to failures of ERYC. I fully agree with this and support Humber Mental Health.

Graham has had enough of what ERYC are putting him through which makes his quality of life so low he wants to end it. ERYC are driving Graham to suicide.

Backing Graham

All the following are backing Graham in that ERYC are failing him and that he needs more care:

  1. Humber Mental Health
  2. GP
  3. Humberside Police
  4. Scarborough Hospital
  5. Next of kin
  6. Friends
  7. Neighbours
  8. Councillor Strangeway

Despite this overwhelming body of support ERYC continue to fail Graham.

The Last Week

  • On the afternoon of Friday 14 September as Graham wants Councillor Strangeway to be his advocate Cllr Strangeway, Yvonne Rhodes, ERYC Head of Business Management and Commissioning and Lee Thompson, ERYC Head of Adult Services met to discuss this. ERYC continue to refuse Councillor Strangeway to be Graham’s advocate.
  • Graham has a legal right to choose his advocate.
  • Graham has made two suicide attempts in the past week.
  • Graham has had a mild stroke.
  • A week ago ERYC assured me that Graham is offered 21 hours care per week. On Friday this was shamefully reduced, without reason, to 14 hours.

Graham’s Current Conditions/Requirements

Graham has 17 medical issues including heart failure. He is becoming very weak and thus requires an advocate to assist him.

He has not had a bath since May 18.

On account of his conditions the only two options available to Graham is full care in hospital or in his home.

ERYC by their failures are  wasting the resources of Humber Mental Health, the Ambulance Service, NHS and ERYC Council Tax payers.

Bungalow Extension

In 1999 ERYC agreed Graham required live in care. To facilitate this they paid £18,000 to build an extension to his home to accommodate a carer.

19 years later his health is worse yet they offer him only 14 hours care per week. This would involve him being in bed from 22.00 to 10.30. Twelve and a half hours a night.

ERYC Councillors

Conservative Cllr Margaret Chadwick has done nothing to help Graham. She is one of his Ward Councillors and ERYC Chair.

Labour are no better. Labour Cllr Shelagh Finlay is also one of his Ward Councillors but has also done nothing to help Graham.

There has been no statement of support for Graham from the Conservative, Independent, Labour, Liberal Democrat or UKIP groups.

Coroners Report

Are we to wait for the Coroners Report into Graham’s death until the toxic ERYC culture of silence is finally broken?

My Vow

When I was elected as an ERYC Councillor I made a vow to myself that there would be no cover up at ERYC as seen at Rotherham and Scarborough without my speaking out.

I will continue to speak out in support of Graham and everyone else who ERYC are failing.

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