ERYC Request Councillor Gives Medical/Security Advice

I was shocked to received an email from an ERYC solicitor yesterday afternoon requesting that I give medical and security advice to Graham Baverstock as I am not qualified to do either.

ERYC Legal Failures

  • “I do not have his telephone number” – ERYC have had a duty of care to Graham for over 19 years. How can a legal officer have access to Mathew Buckley’s emails but not have access to Graham Baverstock’s phone number?
  • “do not eat or drink anything” – I have no medical training. As such, ERYC Legal must not request me to pass on medical advice.
  • “Unlock your door” –  I have no security training. As such, ERYC Legal must not request me to pass on security advice.

And these instructions, remember, were being given to Councillor Andy Strangeway who ERYC will not accept as Graham’s advocate!

To address a Councillor as Dear Councillor is inappropriate and impolite. Would ERYC address a resident as “Dear Mr”?

ERYC Email

From: Lucy Cavell

Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2018 4:42 PM


Subject: GB

Dear Councillor

RE: Mr B

I write in response to your email that was copied to Mathew Buckley this afternoon. Mathew is away from the office at present.  In response to the information regarding Mr B’s actions today, I have contacted an ambulance and help is on the way to Mr B.  I do not have his telephone number, so I have emailed him with the advice from the ambulance operator, which was as follows:

1) Please do not eat or drink anything
2) Rest in a comfortable position
3) Unlock your door
4) Secure any pets.

If you are in contact with Mr B I would be grateful if you would let him know that help is on the way and pass on the above advice.

Many thanks


Lucy Cavell
Tel:   (01482) 393130

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