Pock Development Being Built On Burial Site

Following exchanges with media on Monday evening and Tuesday morning I am pleased, yet saddened, to see confirmation by Alex Wood of the Yorkshire Post that The Mile development, Pocklington is being built on a burial site.


  1. September 30 – Mile Development: Chariot And Horses Found
  2. October 1 – Chariot And Horses Find Confirmed
  3. October 2 – Media expose desecration

This was clearly an attempt to cover up until the fact were exposed. QED.

Profit before morals.

Human Remains Found

  • Confirmed – human remains have been found.
  • Confirmed – Persimmon are building on a burial site

“Simon Usher, managing director at Persimmon Homes Yorkshire, said: “We can confirm that a significant archaeological discovery, featuring an Iron Age horse-drawn chariot, has been made at our development, The Mile in Pocklington. “Careful excavation is ongoing by our archaeologists and a thorough investigation is in process to date and detail the find.””

“Careful excavation is ongoing by our archaeologists” The excavation is still on going yet Permission are building on top of it!

Desecration is desecration

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