ERYC Attempt To Abandon Graham Baverstock

ERYC yesterday sent a letter to child abuse victim, Graham Baverstock attempting to abandon their duty of care to him.

Graham is now 60, has 17 medical conditions, is frail, in a wheelchair and requires “the full care package” (Confirmed by Scarborough Hospital Friday 28 September 2018)

Extracts From Letter

I reproduce extracts from the letter sent to Graham by Lee Thompson, ERYC Head of Adult Services and give my response:

  • “Despite your ongoing refusal to discuss your current situation and future needs…..”

This is 100% false. Graham is desperate to discuss his care needs but wants his advocate to be present. ERYC are still to agree to this.

  • “Whilst you object to having two carers it is the view of the service provider that, based on your behaviour towards staff, this is required in order to ensure their wellbeing.”

As a child abuse victim having two carers is a no for Graham for obvious reasons. Graham has no criminal record. Indeed in a meeting at Scarborough Hospital on Friday 28 September 2018 it was one of the two ERYC social workers who erupted when asked simple and polite questions and stood up threatening to leave the room.

Why should Graham be exposed to this? This was witnessed by a NHS Sister, myself and was fully recorded.

  • “We will now close your contract assessment of your care and support needs.”

This is a breach of the statutory duty of ERYC.

  • “We have offered you services to meet your eligible care needs and therefore we have fulfilled our statutory duty to you.”

This is false. I invite ERYC to provide evidence that they have offered Graham “the full care package” which Scarborough Hospital have stated he needs (This is also recorded).

Avocates Meet Graham

I can confirm that Graham now has two advocates. Myself and a fellow ERYC Councillor.

We meet Graham on Monday in his home for two hours. Graham shared with us recordings, paperwork and his experience of further child abuse in the East Riding which he has chosen to date not to make public.

Graham’s advocates have requested an urgent meeting with ERYC Director John Skidmore to discuss Graham’s case.

External Legal Advice

I highly recommend that ERYC seek immediate external legal advice as to their statutory duty to Graham.

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