Pock Tories Failure To Support Bungalows

For the second time in three weeks Pocklington Provincial Conservatives Councillor Kay West and Councillor Claude Mole failed to support Pocklington residents need for bungalows this afternoon.

Councillor Kay West

Please read Pock Provincial Tories Silence On Bungalows

Planning Committee Speaker

At this afternoons Planning Committee I stated:

“Good afternoon. It is lovely to see you all again this week.

I welcome the addition of six bungalows to this application.

It is noticeable that developments approved by this planning committee in both Pocklington and Stamford Bridge have significantly slowed down building work due to lack of demand.

I am in no doubt this is due to the failure to build that which is required for the housing market in Pocklington and Stamford Bridge.

Indeed, I am aware of many residents who require bungalows to downsize. As these are currently unavailable residents are being forced to live in properties that are way too large for them as their children have left the nest.

This is putting a financial, time and emotional burden on retired residents in Pocklington.

As we are desperately short of bungalows in Pocklington I believe this development and all future developments in Pocklington must include a minimum 5 % of bungalows.

As this is reasonable, required and goes some way to meeting the housing need in Pocklington I request that this application is deferred to allow the developer time to incorporate a much-needed minimum 5% of bungalows.

Thank you.”

Pocklington Tory Failure

Councillor Claude Mole did not attend.

Councillor Kay West attend and indeed sat on the Planning Committee but failed to support the request for bungalows. She could not even remember when the Pocklington Town bus runs.

FYI Cllr West: Pock Bus Schedule.

Market Weighton Tory Failure

Councillor Mike Stathers, despite having lived in Pock for many years, stated he is unaware of any anti-social behaviour in Pocklington.

I suggest Cllr Stathers discusses his lack of understanding with residents of London Street etc..

What Day Is It?

How can two Conservative Councillors who demonstrate while sitting on a Planning Committee to discuss a planning application for Pocklington they know little about what is happening in Pock be able to make a measure decision?

You have to wonder if they know what day it is.

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