BBC Look North Bias: Pocklington Overdevelopment

It was rather disappointing to witness BBC Look North fail to produce a balanced programme on Friday regards the overdevelopment of Pocklington.

Those interviewed where both from the Conservative Party leaning Pocklington Town Council, the Clerk, Gordon Scaife and the Mayor Dean Hodgson. Is this not bias BBC Look North? It is most certainly not balanced.

Neither they nor the interviewer Paul Murphy mentioned the three fundamental reasons for the overdevelopment of Pocklington.

  • ERYC are a Conservative Party dominated Council. 47 of the 67 Councillors are Conservative. They put party before residents. As such they support the Conservative Government to build without any consideration to the required infrastructure.
  • Pocklington Town Council are Conservative Party dominated this was made clear in the Pocklington Provincial by-election of April 2016. Paul West, the Conservative candidate, who came second in the by-election, is on the Pocklington Town Council and his mother is an ERYC Conservative ward councillor for Pocklington Provincial. The Mayor and Deputy Mayor supported his nomination. Dee Sharpe is on Pocklington Town Council and also an ERYC Conservative ward councillor for Willerby and Kirk Ella.
  • Pocklington Town Council have failed to produce a Neighbourhood Plan since 2011. This would shape planning in Pocklington.

The BBC should never permit  misrepresentation and in this instance they clearly have.

I have requested BBC Look North to inform me how they are going to correct their failure to produce a balanced and unbiased programme.

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